Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Title Adoption Meeting
R2017-752 Correction to Final Plat Symphony Ridge II View Meeting
R2017-751 Capital and Small Asset Policies View Meeting
R2017-750 Washington State Deferred Compensation Program Authorization View Meeting
R2017-749 Land Acquisition Strategy View Meeting
R2017-748 Declaring Fire Engin As Surplus Equiptment View Meeting
R2017-747 Project Acceptance Intelligent Transportation System View Meeting
R2017-746 Opposing the Siting of Safe Injection Sites in Sammamish View Meeting
R2017-745 Final Plat Approval Sagebrook Subdivision View Meeting
R2017-744 Final Plat Approval Morningside Subdivision View Meeting
R2017-743 2018-2023 Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan View Meeting
R2017-742 Final Plat Approval View Meeting
R2017-741 Final Plat Approval Dalton Park View Meeting
R2017-740 King County Youth and Amateur Sports Grant Funds View Meeting
R2017-739 Public Benefit Rating System Request - Pfaffe View Meeting
R2017-738 Art Commission Appointment View Meeting
R2017-737 Final Plat Approval Symphony Ridge Subdivision View Meeting
R2017-736 2017-2018 Sammamish Youth Board Appointments View Meeting
R2017-735 Eastside Fire and Rescue Interlocal Amendment - Term Extension View Meeting
R2017-734 Eastside Fire and Rescue Interlocal Amendment - Funding Formula View Meeting
R2017-733 Eastside Fire and Rescue Interlocal Amendment - Right to Withdraw View Meeting
R2017-732 Setting Public Hearing Date for 215th Avenue NE Street Vacation View Meeting
R2017-731 Planning Commission Appointment View Meeting
R2017-730 Final Plat Gabrielle's Place Subdivision View Meeting
R2017-729 Final Plat Approval Cambridge Issaquah Falls Subdivision View Meeting
R2017-728 City Council Rules of Procedure View Meeting
R2017-727 Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure View Meeting
R2017-726 Council Committee Charters View Meeting
R2017-725 King County Grant for Zackuse Creek Project View Meeting
R2017-724 DNR Grant for Tree Canopy Assessment View Meeting
R2017-723 ARCH Funding for Affordable Housing View Meeting
R2017-722 ARCH Budget and Work Plan View Meeting
R2017-721 Final Acceptance Sammamish Community and Aquatics Center Project View Meeting
R2017-720 Issaquah Fall City Road Design Decision View Meeting
R2017-719 Travel Policies Amended View Meeting
R2017-718 Regional Coordination Framework for Disasters View Meeting
R2017-717 Final Plat Canterbury Park View Meeting
R2017-716 Council Rules of Procedure Amended View Meeting
R2017-715 Planning Commission Appointments View Meeting
R2017-714 Beaver Lake Management District Board Appointments View Meeting
R2017-713 Parks and Recreation Commission Appointment View Meeting
R2017-712 Arts Commission Appointment View Meeting
R2017-711 2017 Legislative Priorities View Meeting
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