Permit Process


Our goal is to provide the you with the most efficient and thorough plan review. During the submittal appointments, our experienced staff is available to review your documents and to answer any questions you may have.

Permits can be submitted in person by appointment or online at

Over-the-Counter Permits-By appointment: For small projects, this is the place to start.
For more information, see the Over the Counter Permit Process.

Approximate Timelines by Permit Type:

First reviews take place as shown below. All times shown are from the date of submittal.

[“First review” is defined as completion of first thorough review at which time either correction letters will be issued and transmitted, or the application will be approved by each appropriate department and forwarded to the Permit Center.]

Corrections are required when we find discrepancies or items are not in compliance with code.

Permit Type 2‑Days 2‑Weeks 2‑Months
Commercial     X
Corrections   X  
Demolition       X  
Plumbing/Mechanical (Commercial)   X  
Remodels/Additions      X X  
Revisions   X  
Single Family     X
Small Projects      X      X  

*Times are approximate and can vary depending on project scope.

Permit Center

Hours: 8:30 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday

Phone: 425-295-0500

Fax: 425-295-0600

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