Doing Business in Sammamish


The City of Sammamish has a small business community located at the Pine Lake and Inglewood shopping centers and along East Lake Sammamish Parkway to meet the needs of its residents. In addition, many home occupations are also located throughout the city.

The two primary business areas, Pine Lake and Inglewood run along the city’s main north/south arterial corridor, 228th Avenue. Most employees in the city are those who provide community services such as teachers, police and city workers, and those working in retail shops and restaurants. A possible third business area, Sammamish Commons located in between the two primary business areas is currently under a land use study. A public planning process led by a team of citizens and city land use consultants will help determine the proper zoning and future for the area based on goals and policies outlined in the city comprehensive plan.

Based on the demographics from the 2000 US Census, city residents are: young with a median age of 35.3 years old, affluent with a median household income of $101,592, well educated with 40.9% of the population having a bachelor degree and homeowners with 66.2% living in owner occupied homes.

Sammamish is a city with families who value the quality of life. The city takes pride in its stewardship of the natural environment, its sense of community and its vision as a family friendly, kid safe community. Sammamish is fortunate to have both the Lake Washington and the Issaquah School Districts within city limits. Both school systems are highly rated. Parents and educators are active with school programs within each school system.

The Tax Structure in Sammamish

  • The City of Sammamish is primarily dependent on property taxes as the major source of revenue. The City Council takes great pride that the taxes paid by our residents are less than what they would have paid if the city had not incorporated in 1999, while at the same time, are receiving services at a much higher level.
  • The city has no business and operating tax (B&O) on businesses.
  • The city has no utility tax, including electricity, natural gas, water, sewer, solid waste, and cable TV.
  • Although none exist within its borders, the city has a 5% admissions tax on theaters.
  • Businesses operating in Sammamish are required to report retail sales in Sammamish to the state using Tax Code 1739.
  • Businesses and consumers buying goods from out of state not for resale are required to pay use-tax on those items. A "Consumer Use Tax Return" (see below)

Business License Program

The City of Sammamish participates in a joint licensing program with the State of Washington Department of Revenue for all businesses including home occupation or home industries. The city and state forms have been combined into a single application. Businesses may register with the City of Sammamish and with various state and local municipalities (including Department of Revenue, Secretary of State, Employment Security, Labor and Industry, and Department of Licensing, Bellevue, Richland, and Tumwater) using one form called, Business License Application. The city’s annual business license fee of $15.00 covers the cost to administer this program. It is not considered a source of revenue. Development regulations found in the city’s Sammamish Municipal Code apply to both home occupations and home industries within the city limits.

Business License Program

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