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Disclaimer: The maps below are provided as is, should not to be used in any application where precision is required, and no guarantee is made as to their accuracy. These maps do not include recent changes to the city limits and urban growth boundary located on the northeast section of the city; east of 244th Ave. NE". Please contact the city for the most recent information. 

All critical areas maps are deemed advisory with the exception of the mapped critical aquifer recharge area, the flood insurance study for King County, and the wetland management area and erosion hazard near sensitive water bodies overlay maps. 

Advisory maps are derived from various data sources and display the location of approximate critical areas boundaries. Critical areas that have not been mapped may be present. Critical areas may be shown where not actually present. The boundaries and extend of mapped critical areas maybe understated or overstated. Site specific critical areas studies may be needed to determine the location of accurate critical areas boundaries on individual parcels and development sites. The City of Sammamish assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in this mapped information.

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