Zackuse Creek Fish Passage Culvert and Stream Restoration Project


Project Updates

Sammamish and King County are anticipating an agreement that will combine the City culvert and stream restoration project with the King County culvert replacement projects for Zackuse Creek.  This will provide effective, integrated planning, design, permitting, and construction of both projects.  Permits are anticipated to be submitted by mid-May.   Construction is expected to begin July 2018 with project completion in Fall 2018.

Summary of RFP:

TASK 1: Project Management
TASK 2: Public Outreach
TASK 3: Survey and Easements
TASK 4: Permitting, Environmental Review and Special Studies
TASK 5: Geotechnical Exploration and Analysis
TASK 6: Alternatives Analysis and Preliminary Engineering
TASK 7: Final Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E)
TASK 8: Construction Bidding Engineering Support
TASK 9: Management Reserve


Construction planned for Summer 2018.



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