Inglewood Hill Drainage Trunkline and Non-motorized Improvement Project



Night Work planned at the intersection of East Lake Sammamish Parkway and Inglewood Hill Road. In order to reduce traffic impacts at this major intersection, night work is planned during the following nights and hours:


Updated Night Work Dates
Monday night April 3 to Thursday night April 6       7pm – 5am
Monday night April 10 to Thursday night April 13   7pm – 5am


The City’s contractor will limit noisier construction work such as saw-cutting and demolition to before 10pm.  Construction lights will be shielded and directed away from residences whenever feasible.  The City would like to mitigate construction impacts to adjacent properties as much as possible, so please contact the Project Manager prior to the start of construction with any questions or suggestions.  


Thank you for your support and patience!


The City awarded the $4.5M construction contract to Marshbank Construction.  Construction for the project began on July 5, 2016 and is expected to continue through February 2017.  

Project Summary

The project includes the construction of stormwater conveyance, water quality facilities, sidewalks and roadway resurfacing. The goals of this project are to address existing drainage and erosion problems, provide non-motorized improvements on Inglewood Hill Road, and to support stormwater needs of future development projects within the area.

A new sidewalk on the north side of Inglewood Hill Road will be supported by retaining walls and rockeries in some locations and will run from East Lake Sammamish Parkway to 212th Avenue NE.  Stormwater pipe will run on Inglewood Hill Road and outfall to Lake Sammamish.  NE 15th St, 208th Ave NE, 210th Ave NE, 211th Ave NE, and 211th Place NE will also have stormwater pipe installed in the road.  A new stormwater treatment vault will be placed at the intersection of Inglewood Hill Road and 208th Ave NE.

The City has partnered with Sammamish Plateau Water to install new watermain on Inglewood Hill Road from 211th Ave NE to 212th Ave NE. 211th Place NE to the north and south of Inglewood Hill Road and on 212th Ave NE south of Inglewood Hill Road will also be provided a new water main.  

The City was successful in receiving two grants from the King County Flood Control District:

  • King County Flood Reduction Grant in the amount of $250,000, and
  • King County Sub-regional Opportunity Fund in the amount of $851,078

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